Disaster Recovery Services

There were many unfortunate lessons learned about the vulnerability of both carrier and companies’ telecommunication network infrastructure from the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks as well as the power outage that impacted the Northeast Region for two days in August 2003.

The primary objective of telecommunications network disaster recovery planning is to protect your organization in the event of a network failure or outage resulting from any unforeseen event; from a power outage to a natural disaster.

The key to success is to be adequately prepared. Sound event notification, personnel alert and response process are key elements. Disaster recovery planning should minimize the disruption of operations and ensure a level of organizational stability in order to recover from a disaster.

JEM Tel Disaster Recovery Services

  • Perform a telecommunications risk assessment
  • Establish an effective personnel alert and response process
  • Determine recovery strategies
  • Perform data collection
  • Organize and document a written plan
  • Develop testing criteria and procedures and to test the plan.